Cleopine Cosmetics


Cleopine Cosmetics

CLEOPINE cosmetics – Functional cosmetics for wrinkle, skin tone improvement, moisturizing and skin damage improvement being developed by natural product technical research institute of PINEBIO Co., Ltd., for the beauty – dream of all the women. Innovative new-concept cosmetics of which diversified beauty efficacy including wrinkle, skin tone improvement, moisturizing and skin elasticity could be confirmed immediately when it is sprayed on face, neck, hand, feet and whole body by using ‘Miracle B&B 720’, an exclusive spray gun.

Key Component of Pinebio Cosmetics
① Pine Mush-28 Peptide : 28 types of fermented peptide, a new compound, that was developed by fermenting protein extracted from Hypsizigus marmoreus, a non-toxic mushroom that naturally grows only around pinus thunbergi forest of eastern coast, Gangwon-do of Korea are contained (Edible mushroom comprising carbohydrate 45% and protein 55%)

② Solhyang Bio : Natural fermented substance being produced by using phytocide (containing functional substances such as pycnogenol, alkaloid, terpene abundantly) extracted from Geumgang pinus densiflora being naturally grown around coastal area of Gangwon-do, loess, sea algae, medicinal herb, deep sea water.

③ Ionizing Mineral : Ionized mineral extracted from best clean mineral salt

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