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Dr. Haskin

Cosmetics made by skin experts who have studied natural substances for many years, “meaning” Doctor, “” Recovery, “and” Skin. ”

Differentiated technology of floral water for skin
It is the only recipe that has been created as the only recipe in the world by newly harvesting natural herbs that cause a new mechanism of skin healing,

It’s better than skin care.
Unlike ordinary cosmetics, which do not have special functions except for their aesthetic function, they provide healing cosmetics that improve skin anxiety and protect skin health.
Only one recipe: Cosmetics that no one can follow

Through continuous research on natural materials harvested directly from our land, we discover new efficacy ingredients and develop unique recipes that are not in the world by repeating several experiments for the best formulation.


Coffee Mask Pack

The coffee face mask is a classic for injecting life into a dull, tired complexion. While the mask will remind you of your morning cup of joe (wake-me-up included!), it’s actually an ideal mask for all skin types – with a few add-ins depending on your skin concerns. About 10 years ago, beauty companies started to use caffeine as an ingredient in face products because of its incredible tightening effects. So, while this mask is meant to brighten your complexion, it will also tighten it, revealing a more youthful you!

There are many variations to the coffee face mask, but this is the one that I like best – it’s simple, fast and effective. I will give substitution options for varying skin types below.


Cleopine Cosmetics

CLEOPINE cosmetics – Functional cosmetics for wrinkle, skin tone improvement, moisturizing and skin damage improvement being developed by natural product technical research institute of PINEBIO Co., Ltd., for the beauty – dream of all the women. Innovative new-concept cosmetics of which diversified beauty efficacy including wrinkle, skin tone improvement, moisturizing and skin elasticity could be confirmed immediately when it is sprayed on face, neck, hand, feet and whole body by using ‘Miracle B&B 720’, an exclusive spray gun.

Key Component of Pinebio Cosmetics
① Pine Mush-28 Peptide : 28 types of fermented peptide, a new compound, that was developed by fermenting protein extracted from Hypsizigus marmoreus, a non-toxic mushroom that naturally grows only around pinus thunbergi forest of eastern coast, Gangwon-do of Korea are contained (Edible mushroom comprising carbohydrate 45% and protein 55%)

② Solhyang Bio : Natural fermented substance being produced by using phytocide (containing functional substances such as pycnogenol, alkaloid, terpene abundantly) extracted from Geumgang pinus densiflora being naturally grown around coastal area of Gangwon-do, loess, sea algae, medicinal herb, deep sea water.

③ Ionizing Mineral : Ionized mineral extracted from best clean mineral salt


K-BEAUTY Evangellist

We are the specialist at dealing and trading K-Beauty Products.


FINDING new material

The new materials are our future.



We are investing our resources for searching new technological business


FUTURE planner

Doeun is always thinking & consider our better civilization.
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K-Beauty Style

They say the best things in life are free — and some things are, like sex, food samples at Costco, and finding an open seat on the subway during rush hour. But we’d argue that plenty of other great things requite a credit card and a beauty catalog of products. So when a brand delivers the news that it’s having a sale for no reason whatsoever, we lose our shit. Which is where MISSHA’s limited-time-only “Sheet Mask Café” comes in.
After showcasing some of its best masks at the Nordstrom K-beauty pop-up, MISSHA wanted to give fans even more sheet mask bliss… for a way smaller price tag. The K-beauty company is offering up the facial treatments for dirt cheap on the brand’s website — we’re talking 50% off every single one — with some of them selling for less than a McDonalds Quarter Pounder. Even better, none of ’em will cost you more than five bucks.
Oh, and if you order 10 masks, you’ll qualify for free shipping. The only downside is that the sale won’t be around forever, and some of the offerings are already sold out. But if you hurry, you can get it on the deal before it’s too late. Click ahead to check out some of our favorites, then get ready for a race to checkout.


The Simpsons cosmetics

It’s hard to believe that The Simpsons has been on the air for almost three (yes, three) decades. During its long-standing cable network reign — which began in 1989 — the cartoon series has amassed an enormous fan base, including, but not limited to, beauty enthusiasts. (Remember the 25th-anniversary M.A.C. collection? ) And to celebrate its TV (and the world?) domination, the Face Shop, a Korean beauty brand best known for its most recent Disney-themed collab, has conjured up a line Simpsons-themed products, and we’re so here for it.
The collection — a.k.a. a skin-care junkie’s dream — features a mish-mosh of skin-care products perfect for summer, including sheet masks, sunscreen, tanning oils, and even compacts, all formulated in bright yellow (as it there could be any other color…) and blue packaging. What’s more is that on each tube, bottle, and mask, each of your favorite faces from the famous family — Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie — all make an appearance.

Why the Korean Hanacure Face Mask Is Going Viral

Skin Grits Are The New Gross Extraction Method Trending on Reddit
Excited? Us, too. Unfortunately, the collab isn’t sold in the United States yet. For now, it’s just in Korea — which means if you want to start stocking up on your Homer gear, the safest and surefire way to snap up the whole line is to consider booking yourself a quick trip to Seoul to shop in person. Or, as a more reasonable option, while we’re not condoning the use of third-party sellers, the line is also available on Amazon, ranging in price for $7.50 to $19.40. No matter what you decide, there’s no denying this line’s going to go fast — faster than Bart on a skateboard, maybe?